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[BENNN:] BREAKING NEWS: 2017 Financial Report of the United States Government(pg. 9 of 256) report illuminates the interest alone skyrocketing as time passes from US Debt interest increasing unsustainable as the US Debt Soars! Perhaps one can only spend more than one earns for so long before... well... everything shifts.

Where are we heading?

Public Debt

Purchasing Power
September 11, 2018
[BENNN:] The USD Currency Index is slightly down July 2018 compared to late December 2014 through late September 2017.

The 2018 Food Prices are beginning to shift downwards (for now as of July 2018). USD is being dumped by countries who were holding it for use. Gold is being watched as a close alternative; however that leaves crypto currencies as an alternative during the next major crisis. Many economists may have accidentally predicted 2018 or 2019 to be the very beginning of the next global financial crisis. However, due to the [large] scale of the last financial crisis, the largest crisis since "The Great Depression" era, one might argue that the mere size and duration of "The Great Recession" caused a delay in the onset of the next financial crisis... by, perhaps three years. Therefore, in conclusion the next financial crisis, which should have imploded in 2018 September or 2019 September, will likely be 2021 September or 2022 September. One might expect a dump of all financial markets that were dumped last time, generally speaking. One cannot assume that the crypto market will be positive as laws and demand play are crippling part. The cryptos will be one path that may be a very positive outcome if you are not consumed by the fluctuations and poor entry and exit prices. Long-term hopefully, and without violence, the cryptos will save the people of failing traditional realms, until a more fair method of measurements are created. Let it be clear, there may never be a fair monetary unit available as the incentive to cheat will always be present; especially on Earth as it is full of demons and very evil darkness hiding from within the reach of light.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in the "July - September 2018", "Early Warning Early Action report on food security and agriculture", food is on watch due to displacement of humans and traditional fiat inflation in Venezuela. Sudan is also listed with inflation risks. Nearly all of Africa looks bleak mostly due to conflict, humanitarian conflicts, & both droughts and floods in different African counties. Syria has conflict and drought. Afghanistan has droughts. Bangladesh has floods and landslides. Yemen has conflict and humanitarian conflicts. There are also millions of humans that are finding themselves in the food insecure realm at the very least.

In 2018 some people get to eat and others do not. This is how conflicts, displacement, and diseases begin to spread. As the world population and abortions (human sacrifices not counted in the population rate data) numbers soar, available employment plummets along with the value of traditional fiat currency measured in purchasing power. One could argue that Earth already is unable to sustain the rate of population increases; with respect to available employment that is safe for humans. Since the population rates are soaring so high, college debt scams may be the only tools left to delay the reality of the meek who are simply not aware. The meek are also the cause of many illnesses and unsafe employment and living environments simply by choosing to power on wireless radiation and other radiation devices; such as cell phones etc. Earth is a dual edged sword right now and the meek are killing the meek and they do not care even when you make them aware. They simply denounce you as a thought criminal exactly like in the classic novel "1984". Perhaps one could argue to leave them all along and let them kill everyone with their radiation devices; however, this is how one problem turns into a societal problem so big you can't even go to the cities. If you can't go to the cities or the small towns, then you are left with nothing as there is land and trees in the country side and very little employment options. Simply from the radiation levels along, hell is here on Earth and it's coming for everyone

The Global Food Security Index reflects Africa and some parts of the middle east as countries that need improvement immediately.
July 21, 2018