(It is probably not the time to jump ship and you might loose a lot turning your back to the beast.)

(However, it's better to loose all your profits in the future, than it is to loose everything/original deposits.)

(It is probably better to have an entire fleet of ships, so when one sinks (and they will) you will still have more ships.)

(May the one and only God that created everything/nothing/God, before anything existed ever, guide us all.)

(When I say God, I do not mean the sun/moon/shield nor son/mother/father... I mean God (not a human form).

Potential Future Events:

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Estimated Earliest Date to Stop Feeding the Beast to Cash Out Original Funds

Estimated Earliest Cash Out Date (original deposits and fees)

Estimated Limit (look beast in the eyes) (Totally make or break you point)

EU Clampdown on Crypto Platforms (exchanges)

Estimated World War III Start Date - Prepare: Food; Ammo; Shelter; & Energy